Issues with Solutions

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Positive Policing Policy

I support adding funding to give the Burlington Police Department adequate resources to keep our neighborhoods and downtown safe.


I am finding residents in my neighborhood have concerns about their own safety with a reduction in BPD officers and patrols. They are discouraged by the response of the City Council on this issue.


Many people in the region who could visit our city for entertainment, restaurants, or recreation no longer do so out of concern for their safety. They are responding also, I believe, to the strategy to defund BPD and this will hurt our tax revenues and our ability to have a vibrant city long term.


Specifically, I support adding additional officers, social workers & mental health professionals so the department can respond to situations with best resources and practices. However, I am opposed to putting mental health professionals in situations which are unsafe and should be handled by trained officers.


I support continual training for our officers compliant with protocols, accountability and a uniform use-of-force policy for law enforcement passed by the legislature last session. I believe we should implement the law and ensure we analyze the results before increasing regulation either locally or at the state level. I believe our officers are good people who are able to adjust their law enforcement practices with guidance and support, if needed or required.


Finally, I support our officers as public servants who have a very difficult job. The department deserves our support to do their job. If we do not support them with proper budgeting and our political and personal support as leaders, we will find we do not have a functioning police department at a time when we will need it most.

Housing Security



Responsibly reform Burlington’s zoning regulations to spur creation of new housing through redevelopment & infill development.


Promote home ownership through reforming regulations to facilitate the conversion of building with less than 10 units to condo or co/op.


Improve coordination between organizations & agencies who serve people facing housing insecurity.

Infrastructure Improvements

Prioritize infrastructure!

Support prioritizing sidewalk revitalization to keep up with needed improvements for the elderly & mobility challenged. I pledge to double the amount of sidewalks we renovate each year

Wastewater treatment: develop a long-term plan to reduce or eliminate overflows to the lake